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Your science has impact, bringing life enhancing products to market. 

LifeScale Analytics helps life science organizations maximize the value of information assets to enable research innovation, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve the time that ideas in the lab come to life. We provide the expertise for making observations, orienting data, analyzing information, and ultimately making decisions and taking action. Our specialists are skilled at managing, refining, analyzing or visualizing information for the specific purpose of increasing the value of IT for those in the life sciences industry. 

Industries we serve:

The time to embrace new ways of thinking and sharing information in the world of pharmaceutical research is now. From boosting data value in R&D and clinical trials to cloud solutions, we are here to help.

Feeding the world is a big job. We understand the challenges and opportunities facing agriculture research and have proven success in this ever-changing market. 

Medical Device
Advances in healthcare have driven new demands for medical device companies. We work to solve technology and data challenges across development, production, compliance and launch.

Medical Research
Growth of data in the medical research field has surpassed mind-blowing. With access to more, better and faster data, medical researchers can dramatical improve the time their ideas in the lab come to life.

5 Good Reasons for Bio-Research Firms to Invest in Data Analytics 


You can accomplish big things at Lifescale Analytics.

At Lifescale we provide the opportunities and support to have more than a career. The work you do could positively impact the lives of others and help make a real difference.

LifeScale Analytics is in constant need of experienced consultants who want to positively impact life science organizations by helping them optimize processes for the collection, management and analysis of research data.  We work with organizations that are committed to improving lives. Feeding the world and saving lives is the end result of our work.


10 Trends Driving a Changing Data Landscape in Life Sciences
The life sciences data landscape is growing, accelerating, diversifying on some fronts and converging on others. how can those in life science leadership identify the challenges and recognize the business opportunities in this changing data landscape?

In this leadership brief, we discuss some of the top trends in data for life sciences.

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