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Scott Lien is the Chief Cultivation Officer and co-founder of LifeScale Analytics. Scott prefers the “cultivation” title rather than they more ubiquitous CEO one, because he sees his job as doing just that—cultivating relationships with clients, employees and partners. He’s also adamant about cultivating a culture of excellence...

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Dan Berglove is the guy who brings the data management and analytics resources to bear for our clients. As co-founder of LifeScale Analytics and Chief Insight Officer, he oversees all the delivery aspects of  helping clients achieve the data management and analytics objectives. Dan has 20 years of IT leadership and consulting experience...

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Ron Noden is Chief Development Officer of LifeScale Analytics and has over 28 years experience in business, technology and leadership.  His ability to help client companies attain effective results stems from his experience in both technology and non-technology firms and projects.  Previously as a consultant to technology organizations...

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10 Trends Driving a Changing Data Landscape in Life Sciences
The life sciences data landscape is growing, accelerating, diversifying on some fronts and converging on others. how can those in life science leadership identify the challenges and recognize the business opportunities in this changing data landscape?

In this leadership brief, we discuss some of the top trends in data for life sciences.

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