Theo Laughner

  • Director of Engineering

  • Experience: 21+ Years
  • Email:
  • Phone: +91590 088 55

Theo Laughner, the Director of Engineering at Lifescale Analytics Inc., brings a wealth of experience following a 21-year career at the Tennessee Valley Authority, where he held a key position overseeing the power quality program. He focused on seamlessly integrating data from more than 1700 power quality monitors, digital fault recorders, revenue meters, and microprocessor relays into a comprehensive enterprise database system.

Since 2019, Theo has been dedicated to assisting utilities and their stakeholders in optimizing their investments in data for the contemporary grid. As a senior member of IEEE, he actively chairs various working groups in cyber security, intelligent grid, power system relaying, and power quality. His previous role as the US National Committee Representative to CIGRE’s Study Committee C4 – System Technical Performance highlights his involvement in power quality collaboration. Theo is also a Professional Engineer in Tennessee and has served as the utility chair for Program 1 (Power Quality) at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), further contributing to his extensive expertise in the field.