Medical Research Data Acceleration

Your legacy system worked well for capture and single trial analysis. However, multi-year & multi-trial analyses were painful and time-intensive.
several key elements.Entrepreneurs typically start with a vision of a product.

You need to find a better way to search, transform, and make business decisions from small-plot, field-trial data. The existing data capture systems lacked the ability to search, easily identify the correlation of trialing protocols and were unable to track trial results across the experiment data collected through multiple years.

Lifescale Analytics Approach

Lifescale Analytics will first clearly document the business challenge and the outcomes necessary for success. Then, develop a prototype cloud environment that was flexible, extensible and robust; a cloud environment that could grow over time to meet anticipated future needs. Following an iterative process, we worked with you to review the structure and outputs of the prototype environment.

These review sessions proved critical to the success of the initiative; outputs from these sessions revealed the need for a larger, more powerful infrastructure to meet current and anticipated business needs.

Benefit to the Business

Lifescale will provide a modern architecture with a data pipeline and search solution to scan their field trial research data within seconds. This system enables both technical and scientific personnel to work in tandem to solve critical business problems.