ROSEVILLE, Minn., November 17, 2022 PR Newswire — Lifescale Analytics Inc., (LSA) is a Woman-Owned Small Business with a mission to simplify business and technical challenges by leveraging data, analytics, geospatial, and engineering solutions to deliver actionable intelligence and innovative solutions.

Environmental concerns are paramount to many vertical markets like entertainment, hospitality, workplace, and residential segments. Many people have a growing interest in knowing their environmental conditions. This is particularly true when a dwelling is not regularly occupied, if it resides near an agricultural or industrial setting prone to potential pollutants, or in densely populated areas such as cities. Lifescale Analytics is excited to introduce its PropFIT monitoring system that will oversee the fitness of residential or commercial buildings by providing continuous coverage and notifications if a property is affected by pollutants or environmental concerns.

PropFIT monitors for activity in a location through a sensor device. If there is a fluctuation, the device reports that change to an easily accessible dashboard which provides a drill-down capability to see exactly what is impacted. PropFIT dashboards enable users to see what is going on at a fleet of locations and exactly where the issue is located within a specific property. Homeowners and building managers can monitor basements/crawlspaces and food-service areas for unwanted pests or environmental conditions that could result in mold growth. It assists companies by monitoring occupancy and traffic patterns informing return to office strategies. It also enables rental property managers to improve guest satisfaction and cost margins with energy monitoring.