Cyber Asset Platform

As companies grow, the presence of all their data becomes more important to the prosperity of their cyber posture. Many organizations are now being inundated with the amount of connected devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived and a consolidated visualization of where assets are located and their stability at any given moment is integral to a company's success in monitoring and reacting to cyber concerns. Especially at the far reaches of their infrastructure.

Time to ask yourself, are you getting what you need from your cyber dashboarding solutions?

Introducing the Cyber Asset Platform

The Cyber Asset Platform is a dashboard portal specifically engineered to consolidate IoT and cyber data across multiple sources, enabling you to visualize cyber asset information using a top-down view of assets across multiple divisions, organizations, or departments. Unlike alternatives that offer so-called solutions cascaded with data latency and often require manual consolidation of data to get the full picture of your cyber assets, The Cyber Asset Platform integrates your asset data into a single unified knowledge base. What makes this platform unique is the ability to present information from multiple organizations, data centers, or agencies into one drill-down visual dashboard.

The Cyber Asset Platform can leverage data from multiple sources, including platforms, databases, appliances, and other collection points. This flexibility allows for an all-encompassing view for anyone who takes their cyber asset positioning seriously.

Getting combined reporting from multiple Security Devices, Appliances, and Managers which reside at the edge of your infrastructure on a single network is impossible. This problem is compounded when there are multiple Devices, Appliances, and Managers covering multiple networks, some with overlapping IP address information which is masked by the use of Network Address Translation or proxies. The Cyber Asset Platform is designed to address the ‘Top List’ of what Leadership, Mid-Level, and Security organizations recognize as the most important data reports based on their assets.

The solution:

• Appliance or Cloud Based.
• Provides flexibility that presents a breakdown of data by Location or Key Site.
• Allows for Role-Based Security to control access of information.
• Is viewable from Desktop and Mobile Devices.
• Appliance or Cloud Based.

If you want to benefit from reducing risk, cost, issue time for resolution, and your overall cyber posture contact Lifescale Analytics for a demo of the Cyber Asset Platform.